"Ruut DeMeo makes magic in Addie's Sketchbook. It’s a dash of charming and a splash of mystery and I can’t help rooting for Addie. Tweens will love this diary-novel."


– Cindy Callaghan, Author Just Add Magic, Saltwater Secrets, and the Lost In… books. 


JUNE 22 2021

Addie's Sketchbook:
Summer in Wellfleet



I'm a songwriter, poet, author & illustrator based in Baltimore, MD. I grew up in Finland in a house full of musicians and artists, and for as long as I could hold a marker, I've been doodling, writing, and telling stories.

When I'm not working a book, I can usually be found reading, singing at the top of my lungs, wandering through the nearby woods, snuggling with my three girls (one of whom may or may not be a dog), or teaching a creative writing class on Zoom!

I hope you enjoy browsing some of my prose, poetry, and music.

I'm always looking for ways to collaborate! GET IN TOUCH to arrange a virtual creativity session and reading with me, or just because! I look forward to hearing from you!