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photos of the artist: Steven Parke, Jim Trice, Eliot Aethar


Ruut DeMeo is a Finnish-American writer and composer whose words and music have touched thousands worldwide. Since immigrating to the U.S. twenty years ago, Ruut has worked primarily as a performing songwriter, collaborating  with many renowned musicians.

Ruut studied children's literature at Johns Hopkins University, and creative writing and music at Goucher College in Baltimore, MD.

In 2018, her short story and poetry were published in Fine Print Literary Magazine; in the same year she contributed to a non-fiction memoir collection, Suominaiset Maailmalla (Otava, Finland). 

Ruut's projects in Nordic folklore have been supported by the Mellon and Finlandia Foundations. A 2019 Kratz Writing Fellow, Ruut is currently working on her second novel.

When she's not writing, taking care of her daughters, or doing photography, Ruut composes and records original music in her home studio in Baltimore, Maryland. Ruut's new instrumental album, Soliloquy, released in May 2019 and is available wherever music is sold. 

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