© 2019 Ruut DeMeo // featuring art by Tanya Ragir

photos of the artist: Steven Parke 

my magic land

In June 2018, I flew to Newfoundland to research my novel (Frankie Finn and the Tempest Stone). Why Newfoundland, you ask? 

When I first started plotting my story a year before, I thought I'd have to imagine the setting. After all, was there really a place on our planet that would have fjords, icebergs, natives, vikings, and glacial rocks with mystical power? I'd already ordered a labradorite necklace to inspire me as I wrote. It was through a casual google search that I found out where that stone came from (Labrador), and when I saw photos of its neighboring Newfoundland, my jaw dropped. It was all there. The little villages I'd imagined, and the history on which I'd decided to build my narrative. I booked my flight, a different AirBnB every night, and a rental car with unlimited miles. I knew I was in for an adventure, but I didn't know I'd find my own magic land.

And now that I'm halfway through writing the book, I still rely on these photos to guide me. What was it like in the lighthouse keeper's tower? How did those glacial rocks feel in my hand? How cold was the water? What was it like to walk through the Table Lands, where nothing grows, but where the melting snow trickles down in freezing streams? What ghosts did I encounter? 

Welcome to my magic land.