December 10, 2020

Ruut releases

Beloved Christmas

A new full-length album

featuring classic carols in Finnish and English

Finnish-American novelist and songwriter offers her Finnish heritage for the World

Ruut DeMeo spent the first 12 years of her life in Finland until her Mother's missionary work took their family to Eastern Europe, and then to the United States. For over fifteen years, Ruut's work as an independent musician, writer, and poet has reflected her complex immigrant experience, but she has recently turned her gaze back on her deep Northern roots.

In 2020, Ruut completed a retelling of the epic Finnish myth, The Kalevala, in the form of a new English-language novel. In the same vein, her latest musical release, Beloved Christmas, is an attempt to recapture her childhood Christmases in Finland. While translating the Finnish carols into English, Ruut made it a priority to preserve their poetry and decided to include both versions on the album.

The artist - whose grandfather is famous Finnish opera composer, Aulis Sallinen - lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her American husband and two daughters. In the spring 2021, she will publish her first children's novel through Omnibus Publishing. By continuing to produce her quintessentially honest literary and musical works, Ruut aims to outspread her Finnish heritage to a global audience.



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